The purpose of my blog is not to simply dictate my sometimes biased thoughts to you on Republican politics, but to generate thoughts and understanding among fellow party members. Thus, I encourage you to share your thoughts and hope we can jointly expand our understanding.

June 26, 2011


Housing Bailout – Simple Solution with No Government Funding I just saw on Fox News that the government is considering another homeowner bailout utilizing more than a billion dollars – YOU’VE GOTTA BE JOKING!  First and foremost, the homeowner bailout measures already taken by the government DID NOT WORK and cost taxpayers billion.  In fact, […]

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Unjust Tax Code

June 24, 2011


Republican or Democrat, the U.S. tax code is unjust and favors the wealthy!  I remember a few years ago Warren Buffett offered $1 million to anyone who could find a secretary who pays lower tax rate than he does.  That’s right, Warren Buffett, who’s estimated worth is around $50 billion, and a secretary, a position […]

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Who’s Weiner Is It?

June 5, 2011


  Anthony Weiner isn’t fooling anyone – we know who this “Weiner” belongs to! This case of “hacking” (as Anthony Weiner puts it) and posting of this tasteless picture on Weiner’s twitter account is more than just a political disaster for Weiner and fellow democrats, it is symbolic of the proverbial “boner” rammed up Americans’ […]

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2012 Republican Primary Importance

May 16, 2011


Something that has confused me over the past few presidential election cycles is who we, as Republicans, have ultimately selected as our party’s presidential nominee.  Most recently, in 2008, I was confused as to how we nominated John McCain as our Republican hope to maintaining the presidency.  That is the end goal, correct?  Don’t we […]

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