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June 26, 2011


Housing Bailout – Simple Solution with No Government Funding I just saw on Fox News that the government is considering another homeowner bailout utilizing more than a billion dollars – YOU’VE GOTTA BE JOKING!  First and foremost, the homeowner bailout measures already taken by the government DID NOT WORK and cost taxpayers billion.  In fact, […]

Unjust Tax Code

June 24, 2011


Republican or Democrat, the U.S. tax code is unjust and favors the wealthy!  I remember a few years ago Warren Buffett offered $1 million to anyone who could find a secretary who pays lower tax rate than he does.  That’s right, Warren Buffett, who’s estimated worth is around $50 billion, and a secretary, a position […]

Who’s Weiner Is It?

June 5, 2011


  Anthony Weiner isn’t fooling anyone – we know who this “Weiner” belongs to! This case of “hacking” (as Anthony Weiner puts it) and posting of this tasteless picture on Weiner’s twitter account is more than just a political disaster for Weiner and fellow democrats, it is symbolic of the proverbial “boner” rammed up Americans’ […]