Who’s Weiner Is It?

Posted on June 5, 2011



Anthony Weiner isn’t fooling anyone – we know who this “Weiner” belongs to! This case of “hacking” (as Anthony Weiner puts it) and posting of this tasteless picture on Weiner’s twitter account is more than just a political disaster for Weiner and fellow democrats, it is symbolic of the proverbial “boner” rammed up Americans’ backsides by the Obama administration and the democratic-controlled Senate and House (at least up until the 2010 election cycle).

The national health care reform and the mismanaged financial bailout are two of the worst “sexual assaults” on Americans in history. Aside from these, America is facing other unfortunate consequences of an incompetent President. Recently, it was reported that housing prices are double-dipping resulting in home values not seen since 2002. Some fear and many economists believe that we are also in (or about to enter) a double-dip recession.

Last week the Dow finished its longest weekly losing streak since July 2004, and we may be in for more losses this week. In addition, we learned last week that the unemployment rate (as measured by the government) has edged up once again to 9.1%. Oil prices continue to be above $100 barrel and prices at the pump are higher than they were before the economic downturn when Oil was priced near $150 barrel.

There is no doubt that something must change in Washington and the principal target is Obama. Republican Presidential candidates need to stay focused on the issue ALL Americans are concerned about – the Economy. As Republican voters, in order to produce the strongest Presidential challenger for Obama, we need to build up all potential candidates from our party, not tear them down based on small, perceived flaws that they all have. Then in the end, we need to support the GOP nominee selected as if they were our first choice. Only then will we collectively be able to defeat the “Weiners” who have “violated” our great nation.

Some words of wisdom from Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour during his speech last week at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference:

 “Conservatives, religious people, small government people, we are not going to have purity, we’re not going to have a perfect candidate. There’s only been one perfect person that ever walked on this earth and there ain’t going to be another one in this election.”

 “Advocate who you want, advocate your candidate but once we have a nominee make sure people compare our nominee, our direction, our beliefs, our principles, our faith to Barack Obama. Nothing will be more unifying for us if our heads are right about this.”

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